GetSubSeq module

The prediction of functional sites (e.g.,methylation) of proteins usually needs to

split the total protein into a set of segments around specific amino acid. Given a

specific window size p, we can obtain all segments of length equal to (2*p+1) very

easily. Note that the output of the method is a list form. You can freely use and

distribute it. If you have any problem, you could contact with us timely.

Authors: Zhijiang Yao and Dongsheng Cao.

Date: 2016.06.04


GetSubSeq.GetSubSequence(ProteinSequence, ToAA='S', window=3)[source]

Get all 2*window+1 sub-sequences whose cener is ToAA in a protein.



Input:protein is a pure problem sequence.

ToAA is the central (query point) amino acid in the sub-sequence.

window is the span.