ConjointTriad module

protein sequence information. You can get 7*7*7=343 features.You can freely

use and distribute it. If you hava any problem, you could contact with us timely!


Juwen Shen, Jian Zhang, Xiaomin Luo, Weiliang Zhu, Kunqian Yu, Kaixian Chen,

Yixue Li, Huanliang Jiang. Predicting proten-protein interactions based only

on sequences inforamtion. PNAS. 2007 (104) 4337-4341.

Authors: Zhijiang Yao and Dongsheng Cao.

Date: 2016.06.04



Calculate the conjoint triad features from protein sequence.


res = CalculateConjointTriad(protein)

Input: protein is a pure protein sequence.

Output is a dict form containing all 343 conjoint triad features.